Seventh day with Polar Vantage V

So, I started the day with now usual orthostatic test which confirmed that I’m recovered. I’m still doing it, hopefully it will come to understand me better and support my training.

The phased workout went OK, the results you’ll see below, but I had some strange moments when the communication with the HR strap dropped – I was aware of one of the moments, since it was just switching to phase 3 and for some seconds I couldn’t see any HR on my screen.

Session analysis for the phased workout – some drops in the HR/power(?)

I saw in the analysis that the first drop (for 10 seconds) was also assorted with a drop in power and cadence (coming from Stryd) so I suspect that the issue was more watch related (Bluetooth) since both sensors were connected by Bluetooth.

First HR drop for 10 seconds – also with a drop in cadence and power

The second drop was shorter and didn’t create that much of a disturbance of the other measurements.

Second HR drop – just 1 second

The last drop was longer for 12 seconds, only created a short drop in power

Last HR drop in the workout (12 seconds)

In conclusion, I’d love to see the logs of the device to better understand what happened 🙂

But since Polar doesn’t allow you to get any information from the device, I only hope that they collect this kind of crashes and logs in their sync with Flow and analyse those for fixing the issues – I know that’s what I would do if I were them.

On the bright side, I was very happy with the looks of the GPS track, I saw that going on the sides of the road was properly detected by Vantage V – I can’t recall this happening with Fenix 5X+.

Nice GPS track with Vantage
Not that nice (Fenix 5X+)

Polar Vantage V (FW 3.1.7)
Polar H10 (FW 2.1.9)
Stryd (FW 1.1.9)
Brooks Ghost 10

See you next time .. the subject of the next review is Polar Flow (and a comparison with Garmin Connect).

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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