Sixth day with Polar Vantage V

Today was a resting day for running. I had a core training session in the evening. Nothing fancy … just complementing the daily activity.

Battery life. Today I got the low battery notification at 1PM – so that means that with all activity tracking (continuous HR monitoring active) and 5 sessions (3 hours and 33 minutes of GPS running) you could have close to 6 days of autonomy. Not bad, but not that close to the huge battery life of the Fenix 5X+ in similar usage conditions (more than 9 days).

Today, at 5:50PM, when I plugged in the watch into the charger, only 9% of the battery left – that brings the attention to the fact that you don’t get quantitative info from Vantage V – only battery full, ok and low – no way you could understand what is the percentage and eventually how much could you use it (with or without GPS) until is gone.

The charger is nice, magnetic and cool … but not very practical if you don’t have a steady surface to leave your watch on, or you are on the move. Maybe a strong plug connector would be more reliable, but that creates other type of issues with exposed connector pins and so on.

Looks of the Vantage V charging from a PC/Mac

You should be aware that you can’t see how much the watch is charged if connected to a PC/Mac with FlowSync installed – if you disconnect it, you’ll find out how much is charged. Also, I couldn’t find a way to see the charged percentage from FlowSync (on macOS), which only says “Charging battery…”

Tomorrow will continue the running journey, now that we are fully charged.

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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