Eighth day with Vantage V

I wasn’t planning on writing again about my sessions, I wasn’t expecting anything different for a short 30 minutes low intensity workout.

It turned out that there are two aspects that need some additional remarks:

  • I need to properly moisture the HR straps (generally) since it happened again – the values in the first minutes of the workout were abnormal (when correlated with how I felt and also pace/power)
  • the GPS track is nice, looks better than what I experienced in similar conditions with Garmin Fenix 5X+
Abnormal HR readings in the first 5 minutes
I really need to do proper moisturizing of the Polar H10, otherwise results are distorted (especially important in a HR based training)

It happened before, but it seems that I never learn my lesson – first minutes were a nightmare before with Garmin HRM3, they continue with Polar H10. If that continues even after proper moisturizing the strap, I need to see a physician 🙂

Smoother GPS track with Vantage V (blue) than Fenix 5X+ (orange)

Another thing to be mentioned, since I didn’t spend too much time on it, it’s the altitude which shows the kind of right variation over the terrain, but it starts with the wrong value .. and this is it. Strava and Garmin say different … not by a lot (generally between 4 and 8 meters), but there is where you would need a altimeter calibration and simply you don’t have this option (at least now) with Vantage V.

No variation in altitude it says…that’s not what actually it happens (according to Flow as well)

This situation with not reporting the altitude variation is consistent. I’ll keep an eye on it .. I’m don’t spend too much time running in the mountains, when I suspect this issue would be of higher importance.

Polar Vantage V (FW 3.1.9)
Polar H10 (FW 2.1.9)
Stryd (FW 1.1.9)
Brooks Ghost 10

Next in line … the Polar Flow ..

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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