Garmin doesn’t want you to relax (so much)

I noticed recently that the sleep analysis Garmin implemented in the more recent devices (Fenix 6 series, FR 945 and FR745) and even the Fenix 7 is a bit off early in the morning, considering that if you woke up in the morning you need to be fairly active, otherwise it will grant you another Light Sleep period.

It happened several times already and I said to myself that’s not that important..I can live with that. Until … today, when I saw that, after my night sleep decently registered, during one of the flow periods at my desk I ended up with the sleep session being moved in the afternoon and the night sleep disappearing completely.

The “sleep” session in the afternoon – you can’t focus on something without your Garmin “thinking” that you’re sleeping

Obviously, the “sleep” session in the afternoon was short and the score was low, but that’s not important … so far I made peace with the fact that Garmin doesn’t “understand” naps and therefore after the night sleep you won’t have other sessions during the day. Either Garmin is preparing to take naps into consideration or the devices are way too sensitive to your more relaxed periods mistakenly identifying them with sleep.

The “sleep” was registered in the Connect Mobile as well

I hope that Garmin will receive enough evidences of these issues to investigate and fix the sleep aspects. Garmin was getting better (in my eyes at least) in sleep analysis with their adoption of the FirstBeat algorithms on the devices and I wasn’t missing so much the Polar Vantage but this progress is reverted by what this abnormal behaviour.

Be well and not too relaxed 🙂

Device: Fenix7X
Firmware: 7.20

PS: I just noticed that Garmin released a new firmware 7.24 which promises the improve the on the watch sleep detection and sleep staging. Let’s see…

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

2 thoughts

  1. I bought the fenix 6x Pro in December.
    The sleep function can be odd. If I wake up and check email on my phone, sometimes Garmin says I was in light sleep.
    Over the weekend this happened twice. I edited my wake up time to fix it. Later in the day I noticed that my wake time changed back to what Garmin had in the morning.
    I think sleep recording is 80-90% accurate. I do feel better when it says I’ve slept for 7 hours and feel worse when it says 5 hours. But it does think you are asleep if you lay still.
    The stair counter also can’t keep up with me if I go up stairs too quickly. I always try to get my 10 flights a day in. I found that I had to do 12-15 flights to get credit for 10. Then I noticed it counted correctly if I walked up the stairs like a normal person and not like a runner.

    1. Even if the Fenix line (6, 7 doesn’t matter) is expensive and full of features, some issues are still there and this task of measuring the sleep quality seems to be a difficult one. When they first released the FirstBeat algorithm on the device, I was impressed by the fact that they were matching at least in terms of duration the measurements coming from my Polar Vantage V, but recently I have issues with the wake up moment, if I’m not that active after I wake up the watch will continue to mark that period as “light sleep” which is weird. It’s not as weird as the behaviour I’ve described in the post, but still annoying. Let’s see if they will take notice and improve it.

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