Adapt, rethink and learn [in the fog]

This morning I went out for my daily run and the weather wasn’t the friendliest…it wasn’t the temperature (it was above freezing) but the fogginess and humidity – combine those with the darkness of the morning (the sun rises this time of the year just before 8am where I live) and you realise why most people are not attracted to run outdoor early mornings during the winter.

Not that chilly, but foggy

After 15 minutes, due to the fog and air humidity, my glasses were covered with small drops of water, but, since the visibility decreased gradually, I was still considering my sight acceptable.

After my threshold run block, while jogging back home, I realised that it was my peripheral view (outside of the glasses view) which was guiding me back – the glasses were just staying in my way and making my assessment of the changing terrain more challenging. I’m lucky that my eye glasses, as useful as they are day to day, are not mandatory and putting them aside still allow me to navigate without any issues – there are circumstances when actually not wearing them makes you a better service.

Eye glasses could become a barrier in foggy moments

It was time for another realisation – sometimes the elements we rely more for guidance in life are just staying in our way to properly asses the situation and adapt – our assumptions and beliefs which were meant to help us to take decisions fast become clogged filters and block our development and adaptation – just like my glasses were becoming more of a danger for me in the fogginess of the early morning.

Some would say that the solution is to avoid this kind of situation (buy a running treadmill to be safe), but in real life a more appropriate solution would be reconsidering and reimagining out beliefs – challenging the way we think and look at the reality – allowing a continuous learning process to be part of our life.

So, the journey continues, LEARN, RETHINK and ADAPT being key for my evolution this year.

PS: for those who complain that they don’t have enough time to read and exercise, I just realised looking at the Runalyze statistic that I spent 11 full days last year just running, that means that you could listen 15 audiobooks [considering an average of 8.5 hours/book based on my Audible stats and that you only used your headphones to listen audiobooks for half of your running time].

With that happy running and stay safe! And challenge yourself, from time to time 🙂

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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