Running as equilibrium source

I noticed recently (not without satisfaction) that I managed to reach one the milestones of the year from the running distance standpoint – I’ve run more than 2022 km this year (that was my first goal for the year). I know that’s not that much for some, I have friends (still recreational runners) who go over 3500 km in one year, but for me that’s a sign of constant commitment to being active and a moment to celebrate running as being one of my sources of balance.

Strava stats for 2022 (as of 8th of Nov 2022)

The numbers above say to me that I managed to allocate significant attention to running this year (I’m a slow runner, you can do the math, but basically an average of 6:20 min/km is what I notice in my general year stats) – even if I didn’t participate this year in any official competitions. When things are unfamiliar or changes are all around me —running keeps me centered and grounded, giving me a bit of routine when everything else is off. The running rutine allows me to have some focus time on myself, on how I feel and helps me calm down when I’m nervous or overwhelmed.

It has also some other (positive) side effects – it activates the number geek in me, allowing me to spend time analysing the various stats I collect with the devices (GPS watches, running foot pods, HR straps) during the running sessions and deciding on next objectives. If you want to study more about data analysis and representation, the sport related data you collect is a great place to start and a pleasant way to dive into understanding and overcoming your (temporary) limits.

Distance run km – 2017 to 2022 (2022 is a projected distance)

In terms of running activities, the consistency of my work is at a similar level as 2019 (the year I run my last official marathon), with an average of 5 running sessions per week – the projected number for 2022 being 260 activities, if I continue in the same fashion until the end of the year (which I intend to do).

Number of running activities (for 2022 it reflects the projected value)

Running is easy and accessible, for most people at least, doesn’t have to be expensive (although it may become, if you start like me developing a passion for sport shoes, sport watches and other accessories) and together with other common outdoor activities walking/hiking/cycling builds a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

I’m very happy and grateful that I have this opportunity to experience running, allowing myself to spend more time outdoors with myself and sometimes with some friends.

Grab your running shoes and enjoy your time, your may find that improves your equilibrium!

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

2 thoughts

  1. Running is a great sport and enjoying it without thinking about all the gadgets out there is so great. I was switching between Garmin and Apple Watch a long time. I will never give my smartwatch for a Garmin. I stopped using the Garmin and started using the Apple Watch. Go out. Pressing start. That’s it. The rest is fun. I had to learn this. Not watching power numbers. Pace. Or heart rate. The was the best time so far I had. And when I am interested I can still see all the data afterwards (power, pace and so on). Best year since decades for me so far.

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