Running with power – structured workouts (2)

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying to find the best and easiest to use way of training with power, following a plan of structured workouts. And, for now … if you’re using Stryd and Garmin (and not Apple Watch), things are not that easy.

I mentioned that one option some people explored is to define a customised bike profile (you can use the default one as well I think), pair Stryd as a power device and not as a footpod, define the workouts as structured bike workouts in Garmin Connect (you can do it in Training Peaks as well if that’s closer to your training plan), execute the “bike” workout and after that convert it into a running activity.

So, basically, if you could convert a power based training plan into bike plan, with the particular power values you take from your original plan, your don’t care about (or you don’t have) a power meter for the bike, you could have the execution similar to your regular structured running session based on pace or HR.

Simple structured workout for bike – you can define very complex ones, as the flexibility is second to none

The execution is simple, just select the bike activity on your watch, after you paired Stryd as power and synced the watch with the Garmin Connect. In theory, this could work with the Final Surge app as well, if the Final Surge app would allow to execute the synced workouts from the plan with a bike app template (instead of just run options).

After the sync is done with the Garmin Connect, you’ll have a bike workout in your app and web. You need to change it into running activity and then you’ll have the speed conversion into pace (when running if you’re not use to it, it’s kind of annoying to see your speed in km/h instead of min/km) and also you can look at the collected details.

“Original” bike activity
The same activity after being “converted” to running
Power analysis – nice and clean

You’ll lose somehow the Stryd specific details that Garmin stored in the FIT file and also you won’t find (at least I didn’t) your workout on the Stryd PowerCenter. You may import it manually, after exporting the file from Garmin Connect as TCX (it won’t be accepted as FIT, because it’s not seen as running activity for some reason). It might that a offline sync of Stryd will upload the data into PowerCenter as well, but I didn’t try.

Also, if you have your Garmin Connect linked to some other accounts like Strava, Training Peaks, Final Surge and others (like I do), the workout will be synced as bike activity and you’ll have to convert it into running manually, since the platforms won’t sync the activity type change.

So, in conclusion, if you’re willing to trade some work after the activity execution for the convenience of having a fully equipped structured workouts editor to define your plan, this bike with power on Garmin might represent an option. Otherwise, to me it looks like you have to do a lot of work and if Stryd will update their app on Garmin CIQ to load either structured workouts in the Garmin Connect calendar or something synced with the platforms equipped with decent workout editors, then that’s the solution to go to. For the moment, editing on the watch and only storing 2 workouts on your watch could be frustrating as a limitation, but I’m sure they will lift the limits soon.

Till then, happy running and be safe!

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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