Polar/Garmin/Suunto improvements

I’ve been using the latest Garmin Forerunner 945 for a while and I must say that even though it has all the latest and greatest, still fails to amaze me. Don’t take me wrong, it’s a solid device, works fine … has decent GPS tracks, a lot of features, metrics and all. I’m still looking for reasons to buy a Polar Vantage V Titan, because I like the looks and I really appreciate the web Flow platform and the Recovery Pro. I would have considered a Suunto 9 as well, but not having a web platform and structured workouts is a strong deterrent.

Even so, if that will happen (and it will), it won’t be a smooth transition, because there are some elements which I’ll miss … and I’m talking about Garmin Pay or music, as I don’t use those … maybe maps to some extent.

Basic list of features:

  • multiple alarms (it’s not that difficult and I kind of take this for granted, when Polar and Suunto are ignoring this aspect)
  • footpod calibration (I know it should come in October, but it still worths mention it)
  • gear management – actually tracking the use of various shoes, bikes – it’s simple and effective
  • search options in Flow activities – filtering them by distance (range), date or eventually a word in the notes is something I really appreciate – for example, how would you know how I performed in my marathons or longer than 30km runs if you can’t select only those in the list ?
  • altitude calibration (for Vantage) – the others have it, even Polar on V800

Nice to have features

  • pause and resume later activity (I enjoy this feature on Garmin, it’s not available on Polar .. don’t know about Suunto)
  • Sunrise/Sunset moments depending on your position on the globe – it’s a nice to have I appreciate with Garmin .. Suunto has it .. Polar most probably won’t have it (at least soon)
  • save location and display current position (altitude included) – I know this is more outdoor/hiking oriented, but since the watch has this information, it would be nice to use it

Complex but important

  • Ability to import workouts from other sources (platforms) – the fact that Polar Flow doesn’t allow importing workouts (only routes) it’s an important barrier for people who would like to migrate to Polar … they lose all their training history and sometimes that build reluctance in switching
  • Training synchronisation with external services – like Training Peaks, Final Surge, etc – it’s not that simple, but allows you to use efficiently the watch with other platforms – Garmin does it really nice with their Training API and the integration with Training Peaks is really something.

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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