And the winner is … Training Peaks :)

Following my quest to find the right combination of tools to continue my running training, I bite bullet and bought a yearly subscription with Training Peaks to properly use the 80/20 Marathon plan from One of the key decision factors was the integration between Training Peaks and Garmin (through Garmin’s Training API) which allows seamless integration and workout push from TP to Garmin Connect.

If that would have been the feature of Polar Flow, I would have had a Polar Vantage V on my left hand 🙂

That might change if Polar will think of releasing a sapphire glass version of the Vantage V (Titan+ ?) and also accelerate the firmware update process.

Until October, I’ll definitely stay in Garmin’s boat and enjoy the integration between Garmin and Training Peaks – eventually I might even enjoy TP more. Maybe Garmin will move a bit as well in their analysis capabilities .. they started with heart rate structure workouts analysis, not yet wow .. but that’s a start.

Garmin Connect HR analysis for structured workouts (v1..)

I had the opportunity to see a Polar Vantage M in action for the last weeks (my wife’s watch) and that might explain why I bring into discussion so often the Polar platform and why the decision wasn’t that easy when selecting the path for the next months of training.

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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