Third day with Polar Vantage V

I started the third day with Polar after the previous day success, confident that things will go ok. The challenge today was a intervals session and I was curious to see how the H10 is adapting to changes in HR. It worked just fine, you can see the results below:

Polar Flow for my intervals session

And that proves why the Polar Flow is actually the main strength of the Polar ecosystem, because you can easily see how you managed (or not exactly in my case) to follow the plan. I’ll make the effort to import the same session in Garmin Connect just to make it obvious – the focus on you training achieved by Polar is really something.

Garmin Connect analysis for the same session

One small annoyance from the session – I think I noticed yesterday too, but I was to excited by the fact that I had a working phasing session: when the session ends, the watch is showing a notification (an information screen) which doesn’t disappear after some seconds by needs your explicit confirmation to get you to the regular running screen. Coming from Garmin Fenix 5X+, that looks like an usability issue.

I’m looking forward for the other goodies to come – for the moment I don’t have too many information regarding cardio load, muscle load and perceived load – I hope it doesn’t take 90 days to have something there 🙂

Looking at the cadence, since last Stryd firmware, the cadence is coming as number of steps divided by two – in my case 86 which coming from Garmin makes you do the math, since I was used to the number of steps per minute (close to 180).

The battery level is still high after three full days, but since you don’t have a percentage, it’s only visual, or you can look in the mobile app to see the battery level – now it’s “OK” coming down from “Full”. It’s not like I’m interested in the average discharge rate per hour (like some of the fellows writing on Garmin’s forum), but some more info than a small icon might be useful.

A side by side image of my Fenix 5X+ and the Vantage V.

The beauty and the beast 🙂

See you tomorrow .. I plan to use the Polar Vantage V and Garmin Fenix 5X without Stryd tomorrow to have a look at their GPS ability.

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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