Gnash – GNU Flash Movie Player

Gnash – GNU Project Flash movie player is based on GameSWF, and supports many SWF v7 features.
Runs standalone: Gnash can run standalone to play flash movies.
Firefox plugin: Gnash can also run as a plugin from within Firefox.
SWF v7 compliant: Gnash can play many current flash movies.
XML Message server: Gnash also supports an XML based message system as is documented in the Flash Format specification.
High Quality Output: Gnash uses OpenGL for rendering the graphics.

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

One thought

  1. Did you saw that page? Looks so ’94! or xman like. Freacky!
    Also, in good old Unix style you’ll get crapload of command line parameters. But wait! It’s not over: more than 20 parameters you need to add in your environment jut to make it work… cool!

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