Hot acquisitions

Last evening was a very good evening for me: I finally managed to get my own notebook, a HP NX6125 Turion based notebook.
As first look, I’m content about the package contents for the spent money. There are some things to be improved ..or some flaws, but I’m trying now to enjoy my new acquisition.
To complete the joy, I did managed to install and configure a wireless router (the D-LINK DI 624+) and the wireless network.

The configuration of the notebook is the following:
– Turion ML-34 1.8Ghz
– 80 GB 5400 Hdd
– 512 MB RAM Infineon DDR333
– SXGA (1400×1050) 15 inch display
– X200 Espress ATI graphics card with 128 MB UMA
– Bluetooth
– Broadcom WIFI a/b/g
– fingerprint sensor for enhanced security
– X90 56K modem
– Windows XP Home (unfortunatelly)

for 1010 EUR (VAT included)
I’ll come back with some more and detailed news ..

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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