Apache Derby 10.1.1 Released

Apache Derby 10.1.1 Released: “The Apache Database Project has released Apache Derby (formerly Cloudscape), an open source SQL database written in pure Java that supports JDBC. New features in this release include:

* A network client driver

* Support for J2ME/CDC/Foundation with JSR-169 JDBC subset

* Online compress functionality for reclaiming disk space during operation

* XA support for Network Server

* Identifiers can contain up to 128 characters


* JDBC Updatable Result Sets

* ORDER by expressions

* Allow insertions into an identity column

* Support for explicit Java method signature in function and procedure definitions

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

4 thoughts

  1. A little exaggerated development decision: portability as a prime feature (Java’s “write once, run anywhere”).
    It’s a niche product, clearly the development effort is bigger than the outcome. Microsoft created a lite version of it’s MsSQL2k product (MSDE), distributed it for free, and it servers well. Micro-RDBMSs are considered MySQL and Firefox, two viable, free products. And, let’s face it, J2ME will always be a client to a DB not a server.
    Should “reinventing the wheel, over and over again” be the goal of every open source programmer?

  2. Reading more about this subject, I finally understand that in a standard use, you have to run the Derby Engine within the application space of your JVM. That’s huge… We are talking here about a Jar of about 2MB. Ok, you’re not going to instantiate every class in this packet, still…

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