JUMP GIS Project

Vivid Solutions Inc. – PROJECTS: “The JUMP Unified Mapping Platform is a GUI-based application for viewing and processing spatial data. It includes many functions common to other popular GIS products for the analysis and manipulation of geospatial data. The JUMP also provides a highly extensible framework for the development and execution of custom spatial data processing applications.

JUMP offers the following features:
* an interactive workbench for viewing, editing, and processing spatial data
* an API providing full programmatic access to all functions, including I/O, feature-based datasets, visualization, and all spatial operations
* a high degree of modularity and extensibility
* support for major industry standards such as GML and the OpenGIS Consortium’s Spatial Object Model
* Open Source code written exclusively in Java™”
Jump was one of the candidates for a GIS viewer implementation in one of my projects, but finally GeoTools 2 was the choosen one because of the previous experience with Geotools 1.
Anyway worth your consideration .. I’m watching them. Alternate site is http://www.jump-project.org/

Author: Liviu Nastasa

Passionate about software development, sociology, running...definitely a geek.

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